About Us


Our Name?

We chose the name Dovetail to indicate our commitment to quality, strength, and beauty in all that we do for our clientele. Dovetail Builders derives it’s name from the dovetail joint, a finely crafted, interlocking connection of two wooden panels at a right angle.  This kind of joint is strong and smooth.  It’s also beautiful, giving an undulating pattern of wood tones and textures.  You’ll see it in fine furniture, in well made drawers and in handmade pieces.


Our Commitment

  • To build high quality, energy efficient custom homes for people who appreciate having the very best and insist on good value.
  • To establish open, professional and courteous communication with our customers throughout the project.
  • To utilize only the best subcontractors available in the Houston area. This insures quality work and a positive work environment.
  • To invest in the company by improving our methods and personnel.
  • To build our reputation, provide for the future of our families, and raise the standard of professionalism in the home building industry.


Company History

Since 1988, Dovetail Builders, Inc. has been committed to building detail-oriented, energy-efficient custom homes for people who appreciate having the very best and insist on good value.  The growth of the company has come as a result of the recommendations and word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers and the referrals of professional architects, engineers, and designers.  People in the know trust and respect Dovetail Builders for delivering superior quality construction and to establish an exceptional and enjoyable homebuilding experience.  There are several measures that set us apart from other builders in town.  We strive to maintain open, professional, and clear communication with our customers throughout the project.  Our staff employs a variety of job preparation methods, to ensure the protection of your property.  At our larger jobs, a daily log is maintained, keeping track of progress and deadlines.  We have implemented a system of checklists for both homeowners and tradesmen.  Through continual cleaning and recycling efforts, we demonstrate pride in our job sites.  We encourage teamwork on our projects and meet weekly to keep our staff current.  From new construction and renovation, to repair, and even maintenance, if quality and service is what you demand, then demand Dovetail Builders, Inc.