Home Repair/Maintenance


repairOur repair/handyman service division has been implemented to give our customers a resource for small to medium jobs and repairs, while still maintaining the trust and quality on which Dovetail Builders, Inc. has built its reputation.  By allowing Dovetail Builders, Inc. to accomplish your repairs, you are assured that the work will be performed by skilled craftsmen using correct and proven construction techniques and proper site/job protection.  The person working on your home is covered by our General Liability and Workers Comp insurance.  Dovetail Builders, Inc. will be in business to stand behind your repairs for years to come.

Our repair pricing is as follows:

The repair work is billed at an hourly rate of $45.00—$95.00 per hour depending upon the type of repair needed.  For larger repairs we are happy to work as project managers to provide proposals from qualified tradesmen.  In this scenario, we allow homeowners to pay subcontractors’ base costs without adding additional Dovetail Builders profit and overhead.  Hourly rates according to trade are listed below.

Type of repairs offered: Hourly Rates:
Carpentry 55.00
Drywall 45.00
Painting 45.00
Ceramic Tile 65.00
Landscaping 45.00
Debris Removal 45.00
Plumbing 95.00
Electrical 95.00
Roofing 45.00
HVAC 95.00
Supervision/Coordination/Consulting 70.00