Meeting Your Needs



Return every call within 24 hours and most within 60 minutes.  When problems arise all parties meet and resolve issues quickly.  Meet frequently with the homeowners, architects and subcontractors to review the schedule, upcoming work and budget – no surprises.


Consult with professional architects and engineers for all structural design and modifications.
Use of the American Institute of Architects contracts to make payments and terms fair and understandable.
Maintain accurate and current records and share them with the homeowners as needed.
Provide our sub contractors with written descriptions of work to be completed.
We inspect all work accomplished by sub contractors before payment.


We prepare realistic time estimates for project completion.  We refuse to compromise quality or mislead our clients.  Custom work takes time and we work diligently to complete all projects on schedule.


It is most cost effective to have all items identified and selected prior to starting construction.  Experience tells us that with custom homes you identify many design details as the project progresses that were not apparent initially.  Nearly every homeowner finds that they want changes during their project.

When there are changes, we bill at the same rates, and only for the work necessary to accommodate the change.  Whenever possible, we determine the cost of changes before proceeding.  We use the appropriate AIA change orders so the cost of the changes may be fully understood.


Work as a partner with architects, engineers, contractors and the homeowner to deliver the best value within the budget.

We treat each member of our team as a valued partner, requiring them to be accountable and commit to making a positive work environment.  Long term relationships with some of the best sub contractors in the Houston area insures our customers get what they want in their home and provide a hassle free experience.